Seminar cycle Practical Application of the Amended and Supplemented Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Effective Personnel Management with Alga HR

November 10, 2020

Amendments to the Labour Code (LC) have entered into force this year, liberalizing labour relations and reducing the administrative burden on employers. Many changes have been made, and it is not easy to absorb and apply them in practice in personnel management. That is why the specialists of three companies – EDRANA BALTIC, "Problemų sprendimo centras" and UAB "Ad hominem" – have joined forces, combined their experience and organized targeted seminars for human resource specialists in Klaipėda and Vilnius.

The latest systematized information on changes in the LC, practical personnel management solutions and application of the changes in the activities of companies was provided during these seminars.

Human resource specialists have to be able to make legal decisions, handle personnel documents correctly and perform a number of other tasks. A lot of questions and a lot of answers to everyone's concerns, discussions, and business problem solving – these are the exclusive features of seminars held by Genovaitė Glorija Duškinienė, a long-term labour law consultant and lecturer.

It is difficult for a modern company to manage its personnel without a computerized management system. "All documents are available in one place and are always at hand: Alga HR (previously known as Alga 2000) system allows to create all the required documents automatically (according to the legal requirements) after you enter an employee's name or additional information about the employee, as well as to prepare these documents for approval. No company with any sort of future prospects is able to operate smoothly without such a system," said Arvydas Turonis, Director of the Programming Department at EDRANA BALTIC.

These seminars will be available for employees of Kaunas and Panevėžys companies on October 2 and October 8.
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