Frequently asked questions

The business management system developed by Edrana Baltic covers all the business processes carried out within organizations. An organization can only choose software solutions that are relevant on that day. When there is an additional need to expand business management functions, software solutions may also be expanded by integrating them into the existing system.

License and installation prices depend on the number of workstations and the desired functionality of the software.

The prices of human resource management system modules also depend on the number of employment contracts/ agreements included in accounting.

Contact us and we will provide more details on the system, determine your expectations, and prepare an individual offer for you.
All our system processes comply with the Business Accounting Standards (BAS) as well as the Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (PSAFRS), and can be implemented in businesses, state enterprises, budgetary organizations and institutions providing medical services.
Our business management system has no company size restrictions, thus it is suitable for organizations of any size. System users can create an unlimited number of job positions while working with the same database
New versions will be available to those who have the software installation, copyright support, additional programming and maintenance agreement, or those who have purchased a one-time upgrade. Clients will receive a notification via their specified addresses with a link to the FTP server containing the latest version of the software, a list of updates, and user instructions.
The following I.MAS subsystems are integrated in the system:

  • Integration with i.SAF – for submitting registers of incoming and outgoing VAT invoices to the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Integration with i.VAZ – for submitting waybill data to the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Integration with SAFT-T – for submitting standard audit files to the State Tax Inspectorate.
Yes, licenses are rented using both custom and standardized solutions.
Yes, resource rental (servers and cloud computing) is provided.
Benefits to clients:
  • No need to invest in IT infrastructure acquisition and maintenance;
  • The system is configured and adapted to your business processes;
  • Experienced IT specialists and consultants will ensure smooth operation;
  • Regular system updates and creation of data backups;
  • Possibility to integrate new functions and expand the functionality of the system
After you purchase the system, an analysis of your individual needs will be performed and the system will be parameterized accordingly. Training is provided to users according to a harmonized training program for all the purchased processes. A user manual is provided.

Training is carried out in a training facility, by training either a group of users or individual users. After being presented the steps of each process according to the prepared control tasks, users have to independently perform all the system work processes and make sure that the obtained results are correct.

Prompt assistance is provided during test operation.
New versions come with a list of updates and instructions on how to take advantage of them.

If necessary, training or consultations will be provided individually. Make sure to inform us by e-mail help@edrana.lt, as well as inform your project manager.
Ordered system development or modification works are performed according to an agreed schedule. You can follow the work progress and view the persons responsible in the E-Control system.
Services are provided according to the principle of "transparency". Your enquiries submitted via the E-Control system or e-mail to pagalba@edrana.lt are registered. The persons who analyse your enquiries and provide assistance are also registered. If there is a need to eliminate any inaccuracies in the software, the work performed by a programmer will also be registered. We can send you a monthly work report, upon request.

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