Alga HR

Human resource management and accounting

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Payroll process management
  • One-off and periodic accruals
  • Tax deductions
  • Disbursement management
  • Accounting of enforcement orders
  • Incapacity for work accounting 
  • Annual leave accounting
  • Accounting of unused annual leave reserve 
  • Account management and accounting 
  • Use of cost centres / dimensions in accounting
  • Link with financial systems
Personnel development management
  • Need for staff planning
  • Selection and recruitment of candidates
  • Adaptation of new employees
  • Training planning, surveys
  • Competence management
  • Employee performance evaluation
Personnel process management
  • Employee information management 
  • Employment contract management
  • Organizational structure management
  • Material liability management
  • Incentives
Business trip planning and management 
  • Initiation of business trips
  • Cost planning
  • E-alignment process of business trips
  • Recording of actual costs
  • Advance accounting
Working time management
  • Work schedules
  • Working time accounting
  • Accounting of total working time
  • Time accounting by access control
Holiday process management
  • Holiday planning
  • Holiday scheduling
  • E-alignment process of holidays
Personal profiles
  • Review of information
  • Requests, suggestions
Automatic execution of orders
  • Preparation of group orders
  • Automatic order generation

System benefits

Significant optimization of personnel and payroll processes

Benefits for the personnel:
  • Comprehensive gathering of information on job positions, job functions, employees and employee turnover
  • Notification system for business process events
  • Automated application-order management and implementation in the system
  • Employee working time planning
  • Preparation of lists and reports for internal use and state institutions
Benefits for the accountant:
  • Direct use of personnel and working time information in a single DB
  • Automated generation of payroll accruals and payouts
  • Accounting of different rates
  • Business trip planning and accounting
Economic effect of Alga HR (Alga 2000)
  • All system processes run in a single database
  • Regulatory requirements affecting system functionality operation are implemented in a timely manner
  • Use of a centralized system reduces daily maintenance costs
  • Use of online solutions reduces daily job maintenance costs
  • Easy to update system versions
  • Cost-efficiency resulting from reliable system operation
  • Simple extension of system functionality and adaptation to your growing needs
Alga HR - personal data protection according to the GDPR

The software is continuously being improved and its functionality is increasing. It is particularly user-friendly, since the sequence of actions on the software has been chosen appropriately.

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