Profit-Web for managing all HR processes: learning and competency assessment

December 15, 2022

UAB Edrana Baltic has added new tools to its business management system Profit-Web. They can be used to organise employee training, provide training materials, conduct surveys, tests, performance and competency assessments.

News: suitable for employee training and certification
The employee training module will enable companies to easily provide training material (reading and viewing), conduct live or remote training, follow the process of learning, perform tests on learned material, receive reports, etc. The system also provides a possibility to implement the employee certification process: creating tests with pictures, video and audio recordings; assigning a score to questions; setting up the passing score; assigning tests to individual or groups of employees; receiving test reports; informing employees about the certification process by sending them emails.

Other modules of the enhanced Profit-Web system include the ability to create and carry out surveys, to create and upload training materials by topic and view attendance statistics in the existing e-library, to create and inform staff of new developments, to create competences that meet the needs of the client and specify levels of competences for each job group, and to enable the manager to assess the competences of his or her subordinate staff members, and to enable a group of staff members to create an annual evaluation questionnaire to assess the results of the previous year, to assess the competences acquired, and to plan the tasks for the coming year. Customers can use the Profit-Web training platform in a variety of ways, whether for staff development, training for new or existing employees, or to ensure that specific knowledge is delivered and tested. Managers can see the status of whether an employee has received training and passed a test. In addition, the system informs itself in good time about the expiry of the certificate, which can be relevant for those who work with various machinery or equipment, where a certificate is not possible without the right training.

Automated and systematised solutions
The Profit-Web business management system helps you automate decisions, systemise them, and reduce human resources for routine tasks such as, The Profit-Business Management System can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as employee selection, career management, business trips, scheduling employees' days and working hours, planning holidays, dividing costs, quickly and easily introducing employees to documents, collecting consents or disagreements, reporting, organising employee training, testing, creating a database of educational materials - an e-library, and many more functions that companies can take advantage of by creating a tailored, automated business management system for their own use.

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