Profit-WEB Business Management System for Both Learning and Evaluating Competences

December 15, 2022

Edrana Baltic UAB has added new tools to the Profit-WEB business management system. These tools will allow organizing employee training, providing training material, conducting surveys and tests as well as the evaluation of performance and competences.

News: suitable for employee training and certification
The employee training module will enable companies to easily provide training material (reading and viewing), conduct live or remote training, follow the process of learning, perform tests on learned material, receive reports, etc. The system also provides a possibility to implement the employee certification process: creating tests with pictures, video and audio recordings; assigning a score to questions; setting up the passing score; assigning tests to individual or groups of employees; receiving test reports; informing employees about the certification process by sending them emails.

Other modules of the Profit-WEB system authorize you: to create and conduct surveys; to develop and upload training material in the existing electronic library and see its attendance statistics; to generate news and inform employees about them; to set up competencies which meet the needs of the clients and specify competency levels for each group of responsibilities; and, for the manager, to evaluate the competencies of subordinate employees. What is more, it also allows to develop annual evaluation questionnaires for a group of employees and evaluate the results of the previous year, acquired competences and plan tasks for the coming year. Clients can exploit the Profit-WEB training platform in various ways: both to improve the skills of employees and to provide training for new or existing employees. It ensures that specific knowledge will be provided and later tested. Managers can check the status in the system indicating whether the employee has undergone training and passed the test. In addition, the system informs about the expiration of the certificate in a timely manner as this may be relevant for those working with various machinery and equipment, when it cannot be operated without the proper preparation or certificate.

Automated and systematised solutions
Profit-WEB business management system helps to automate solutions, systematize them, reduce human resources in performing routine tasks, for example, recruitment, managing careers and business trips, preparing agenda and dividing working time, planning vacations, dividing costs, introducing new documents to the employees, receiving consents or disagreements, submitting reports, organizing employees’ training and testing, creating a database of training material (electronic library) and many other functions that companies can use to develop a customized and automated business management system.

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