How to manage and automate personnel processes with a single tool. Profit-Web.

February 22, 2022

The larger the business and the team, the more time is spent on communication, process management, and coordination. Various IT systems are developed to ensure work efficiency in personnel management, however organizations often have to adapt to standard systems, which is no longer effective. Profit-Web, an innovative business management system using online technologies which is offered by UAB Edrana Baltic, helps avoid such rigid adaptation problems.

Although, in a broad sense, business processes are named the same in any sector – employee selection, career management, posting management, annual leave planning, distribution of costs – these processes have their own specifics and different requirements in each organization for each step of information dissemination, for the approval or coordination of the process stage, and for the automation of actions. The more mature a business management system, the more business elements it encompasses, and the more complex the links between these elements.

Quite a few of them are available in the IT system market, however standardized solutions are not suitable and do not work for all organizations. Significant needs to adapt do not bring the desired effect: lower costs, time management, and employee involvement. In turn, the Profit-Web system is distinguished by the fact that it covers the entire chain of human resource process management, offering complete automation of all processes: from employee requests to any resulting or related actions in the automatic realization system or submission of payment execution information to financial accounting processes.

The system has been designed and continuously improved over a period of 20 years for easy adaptation in order to meet the individual needs of each client. Each process can be parameterized, allowing to flexibly and quickly create a system that meets the work specifics of a particular organization. Another important feature of this system is the option of communicating with users in Lithuanian, English, Latvian and Russian, as well as the possibility to easily prepare a translation into another language and to implement the regulatory requirements for Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

A single system for different processes

In a single Profit-Web system, processes can range from selection/recruitment of employees and posting of available job positions internally or externally, to the completion of the human resource management processes after a new employee is hired. The required function depth can be selected at each stage. For example, when planning the need for employees and announcing open job positions, there is an option to evaluate candidates, perform their testing, and systematize information. After hiring, you can monitor the adaptation of employees, plan their training, conduct surveys, assign material responsibilities to an employee, ensure the management of employee competencies, etc. You can use this single tool to not only manage information, but also receive reminders, e.g., about expiring agreements, fixed-term employment contracts, approval or rejection of submitted applications, etc.

The number of possibilities included in the system also depends on the needs of the company. However, when implementing any kind of system, it is also important to consider additional aspects: security, reliability, and system modification or integration possibilities, since any new IT tool must be aligned with the company’s existing processes and procedures.

Relevant to any business

The portfolio of systems offered by Edrana Baltic also includes other solutions that facilitate the daily processes of businesses and organizations. The list of clients of Edrana Baltic is comprised of over 3,000 different companies and organizations operating in the fields of trade, industry, finance and education. Profit-Web personnel management system is usually chosen by larger organizations or those whose employees work in several locations and need a solution that would help speed up and optimize interactions and communication. Source: