Business Management System Profit-WEB and Signing of Employment Contracts and Their Annexes with a Qualified Electronic Signature

July 12, 2021

The storage period for employment contracts, their annexes and agreements on additional terms of the employment contract is 50 years after the termination of the contract. It is also mandatory to ensure that both parties to the employment contract have access to the document. Therefore, when deciding on how to sign an employment contract, companies should consider ensuring the signing, preservation and availability of the employment contract throughout the set period.

The eIDAS Regulation provides a signature with a high level of trust – a Qualified Electronic Signature. It is suitable for signing employment contracts and their annexes, as it is equivalent to a written signature, and reliable not only at national but also at EU level.

Qualified Electronic Signature:

  • A qualified electronic signature certificate can only be issued by a certified service provider operating in an EU Member State who has been granted the qualification status by a supervisory authority.

The Profit-WEB business management system, which incorporates staff management and payroll processes, allows to sign employment contracts and agreements with this qualified electronic signature that meets the highest standards. Thus, in the system you will not only easily generate employment contracts, but also sign them and allow employees to have all agreed and approved documents in one place in their personal profile. And to enhance security, you have the ability to connect to the system with an electronically qualified signature to identify employees.

We provide you with a short video material, where you can see how quickly and easily it is possible to sign an employment contract with a qualified electronic signature in the Profit-WEB business management system.