UAB Edrana Baltic - creators of business management systems for 25 years

July 7, 2023

This anniversary was special for the collective of UAB Edrana Baltic, as we decided to not only celebrate but also give meaning to each year of existence by planting 25 trees in the city of Vilnius. In doing so, we aim to contribute not only to the environment but also to the beauty of the Lithuanian capital, providing residents with a more pleasant environment.

During the celebration, various games were organized, bringing employees together in a unified spirit of teamwork and joy. Fun contests and challenges that encouraged collaboration and creativity were a real pleasure for all participants.

In addition to the games, a significant part of the evening was dedicated to a program of songs and dances. Company employees showcased their talents through singing, while inspiring dances captivated all participants. Energy and joy filled the premises, where everyone could feel the spirit of unity within the Edrana Baltic family.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in a meaningful and cheerful way. The tree planting in Vilnius and the evening program created special memories filled with joy and a sense of gratitude for everyone who has been with us for all 25 years.

We believe that throughout its history, Edrana Baltic has managed to build an excellent reputation as a reliable and innovative IT solutions provider. Currently, we support and develop multiple business management systems and carry out custom programming tasks, growing into a team of 70 professionals providing services not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia and Estonia. We are best known for our automated business management systems: Profit-WEB for workforce and personnel process management, and Profit-W for financial process management. 

In our assessment, all 25 years have been a constant source of change, innovation, and progress - valuable experience and a great starting point for implementing new successful ideas. Therefore, we look forward to the future, seeing it as full of new opportunities!

On the occasion of the anniversary, UAB Edrana Baltic would like to congratulate its professional team and express gratitude to all the clients, partners, and suppliers who have contributed to the company's success over the past 25 years.