Profit-W. Module for replacing, controlling and inspecting accounting devices.

September 20, 2021

An online seminar took place on 16 September 2021 – the presentation of a new module of the Profit-W system. From now on, our clients will manage remote operations simply. With the help of this module, the controllers of accounting devices will be able to perform the tasks assigned to them remotely, and all the information entered by them will be automatically transferred to the Profit-W Subscriber Accounting and Management System.

Main functions of the model:

  • Formation of tasks for employees performing inspection of accounting devices;
  • Carrying out verification of accounting devices according to the received tasks;
  • Recording of meter readings during inspection;
  • Replacing and sealing accounting devices;
  • Photographing completed works;
  • Formation and confirmation of the work completion certificate with a digital signature;
  • Preparing a report on the performed work of the controller.

After installing the system, the controllers' smart mobile phones or tablets will become mobile workstations, where they will see the tasks assigned to them in real time, record their progress and the result of the work performed. 

The data entered by the controller in the mobile device will be automatically transferred to the Profit-W system Subscriber Management and Accounting module. Accounting staff will no longer need to enter information manually based on paper copies of completion reports.

This module will allow the supervisor of controllers to create tasks in real time, see the status of tasks assigned to controllers, the number of completed tasks.