New Design of Business Management System Profit-WEB

June 3, 2021

Our customers provide many unexpected ideas, inquire about system capabilities, new features and provide us with suggestions. For 20 years, we have been creating and developing business management systems, and we have not stopped growing, improving, and surprising customers with new and better services.

This time we performed user research, UX analysis, and with the help of UI design-based practices we implemented a modern, convenient and new Profti-WEB system environment. We strive for the business management system Profit-WEB created by Edrana Baltic, to become desirable and convenient to use in the daily activities of the Clients.

Profit-WEB users who have tried the new design have identified the following major benefits:

  • More screen space;
  • The new program icons are simple and informative (allows you to predict the action to be taken);
  • Even clearer program and less "visual noise";
  • Lighter colors – focus on the data;
  • Font – easy to read;
  • Adaptability of the system to the monitor screen;

We invite you to try out the new version of Profit-WEB and improve with us: be where new technologies are developing!

We look forward to your feedback and experience with the updated Profit-WEB business management system!