Accountants Day is Celebrated on the Second Friday in May

May 13, 2021

On 14th May this year, Accountant’s Day is celebrated. The origins of the accountant profession go back to the beginning of civilization. It is one of the oldest professions. In the past, people had a need to count and account for agricultural products and to determine their value. Later on, this profession became increasingly important. Of course, there was a period when legislation changed infrequently, and the profession of accountant seemed a bit monotonous, so the importance of the profession itself was negligent. However, already during the period of independence, this situation changed dramatically – due to constant changes in legislation, knowledge of how to calculate taxes correctly and prepare reports on the company’s financial condition and profits increased the importance of this profession, and the accountant became one of the company’s key employees.

Today, computerization and the abandonment of paper accounting are taking place in the work of accountants. A tool that can facilitate daily work becomes an irreplaceable solution. Edrana Baltic has been working with accountants for 20 years and is improving and developing a solution – Profit-WEB, which ensures smooth and uninterrupted work. Edrana Baltic is happy to work with the staff of the accounting department and every year, on the second Friday in May, congratulates everyone on a professional holiday!