Remote Seminar for Users

March 23, 2021

On 17th March, 2021 a remote seminar was held for users of the Salary and Staff Management System Alga HR, Profit-Web systems.

The benefits of functionality for the activities of organizations according to the planned seminar program were presented:

  • Cost Center Accounting

The purpose of the topic is how to effectively manage the company’s costs, i.e. to account for, monitor, control and analyze them.

  • Messaging Functionality

The purpose of the topic is how to receive timely notification of events in the system, e.g. report a fired or a hired employee.

  • Test and Survey Modules

Benefits: efficient automatic testing or surveys via internet browser.

  • Staff Hiring Module

The purpose of the topic is how to monitor candidates, perform their evaluation, testing, automatically recruit after forming an employee card.

  • Salary Recalculation for Previous Periods According to the Adjustment Table Functionality

The system automatically recalculates the above period online according to the adjustment table and adds the difference to the current month.

  • Vacation Planning and Application Presentation

The purpose of the topic is how to plan holidays for future periods, generate requests and proposals in the electronic environment and give up paper documents.

Here is the Video of the Seminar:

Contact us if you decide to use the Profit-WEb introduced functionality in your company.

The next workshop is scheduled for April, follow the announcements.