Profit-Web® Single System for Staff Process Management

April 28, 2021

Different Staff Processes and Their Management in the Single Profit-Web® System

Companies have to process different staff management processes and the information that follows them. Especially nowadays, when we hear so many talks about the trends of remote work, IT solutions that would allow the management of human resources, information and routine work to be transferred to the system are being sought.

In Profit-WEB single system you can find processes starting from the selection of employees, the announcement of vacancies inside or outside the company to the management of human resources after hiring. At each stage, you can have the depth of functions you need, for example, planning the need for employees and announcing vacancies, you are able to evaluate candidates, test them and systematize information. After hiring, you can follow the adaptation of employees, plan trainings, conduct surveys, assign material responsibilities to an employee, ensure the management of employee competencies, etc. In addition to managing information, you will also receive reminders, such as expiring contracts and fixed-term contracts, in one tool.

Profit-Web® Module – Staff Self-Service. A Handy Information and Staff Management Tool.

The unified staff management system Profit-WEB not only enables automated solutions for process management or information systematization, but also involves employees of companies into business processes. Staff self-service functions are distributed through several program modules:

  • Staff Personal Profiles – Overview (Level I)

Each employee can log into the system and view information about themselves (checklists, spreadsheet, unused holiday days, etc.) using a web browser.

  • Requests, Suggestions, Consents (Level II)

With the help of this functionality in the system, the exchange of personal data is performed using requests/proposals, which are approved by the responsible persons.

  • Holiday planning.

One of the widely used functionalities is vacation planning. With the help of this functionality, you can plan absences for future periods. Every employee of the company can plan and initiate holidays by receiving an approval from the responsible persons.

  • Business Trip Planning.

The functionality gives an opportunity to automate the process of organizing the business trip, coordinate with the responsible persons, approve and provide funding.

Profit-Web® and the Benefits for Accounting

Immediate use of staff and working time information in one database ensures automated generation of payroll accruals and payments. Ability to account for different assignment rates, manage business trip planning and accounting.

Profit-Web® Support and Renewal

The system, which was being improved for more than 20 years, is maintained and updated in accordance with the current legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. This business management system has become valued by companies for its wide range of functionality, convenience, speed, and ability to have and manage all staff management and payroll processes in one place.

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