Applicant module in the Profit-Web business management system to support the recruitment process.

July 19, 2021

Recruitment and selection is particularly important for companies, as non-professional selection is costly. It is important to manage data quickly and efficiently, to systematize it. Keep in touch with candidates by keeping them informed.

With the Candidates module, you can save time in finding, selecting and hiring a new employee.

  • Search for external and internal candidates
  • The process of communicating with candidates
  • Informing candidates
  • Ability to automatically generate recruitment.

Initiating employee search with Profit-Web business management system is done by filling in a selection order form received by the responsible human resources specialist.

With Profit-WEB you have the following options:

  • to form a selection announcement based on already entered / existing data: names of departments, positions, employee functions indicated in job descriptions (information is automatically imported from the job description), competencies required for the position and their levels (information is automatically imported from the competency model);
  • the system ensures that the functions of the post and the required competencies are automatically included in the advertisement, indicating the title of the post for which a new employee is being sought. It remains possible to make adjustments manually;
  • the possibility for candidates to submit tasks in tests, saving the comments of the tasks to the candidate's questionnaire;
  • the ability to attach candidate evaluation comments and documents that are visible to staff and the manager;
  • the ability to filter the entire candidate database by various sections: by position, by attributes, comments, classifications, periods, etc .;
  • the possibility for selected candidates to send automated bulk and / or individual responses according to certain attributes and / or rules (eg "We have received your CV");
  • automatic document generation when a candidate is hired.

An easy and smooth selection process helps to build a professional employer image in the market. We invite you to take a closer look at the Applicant Module and the Profit-Web business cleaning system:

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