Reporting declared downtime to the State Labour Inspectorate

February 3, 2021

Pursuant to Order No EV-25 of the Chief State Labour Inspector of the Republic of Lithuania of 26 January 2021

„Dėl Pranešimų apie paskelbtas prastovas teikimo Valstybinei darbo inspekcijai tvarkos aprašo patvirtinimo”

The following system changes affected by the legal acts have been implemented in the Alga HR/ Profit-Web personnel and payroll management and accounting system:

-Modified wage subsidy application form for employees who are in downtime in the case specified in Clause 2 of Article 47(1) of the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania:

-Possibility to create a Work Schedule – during the period of declared partial downtime, for the employee's working and partial downtime period, by indicating the number of hours the employee will work, the beginning and end of work, and the time of partial downtime, if partial downtime is announced by reducing the number of employee's working hours per day (by at least three working hours), or by indicating the days on which the employee will work and the downtime days when partial downtime is declared by reducing the number of working days per week (by at least two working days).

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