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  • Is Firebird database worse than Oracle or Microsoft SQL?

    No it is not. Just these database systems are adapted to different spheres. If You have more employees, it is wise to select Oracle or Microsoft database system, because the speed reports formation in these systems increase from 10 to 15 times. If you can not decide please contact Us, and We will always help you.

  • Why do we need to have software implementation, author support, additional programming and maintenance contracts?

    When You have author and technical support contract, You can: freely download or receive via e-mail, acquired software updates, influenced by Republic’s legislation changes, receive author software development, receive additional functions and possibility extensions, receive free consultations by phone or via e-mail regarding software operations, to order additional services with special discount applied, to call out project manager.

  • What type of companies use Alga HR® and Profit-W®?

    System can be used by various types of companies. The system is adapted to each company individually by editing and entering new formulas. Currently the system is used by schools, policlinics, construction, production and trade companies as well as police institutions, budget entities, private companies, SC, JSC.

  • Can users generate reports by themselves?

    Yes. There is additional module Report generator, which allow user to generate reports of any complexity. Moreover there is quick reports generator for visible data.

  • How to receive new software versions?

    New versions are introduced only for those, who has system implementation, author support, additional programming and maintenance contract, or for those who obtain one-time update.


    Clients receive message to indicated e-mail addresses with link to FTP server, where newest version is located, news list and usage guidance.


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