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New Profit-W module Judicial debts

2014 06 26

Created and implemented new Profit-W® module Judicial debts. Module is for company to manage own operations with debtors and to implement various operations related to debt management and accounting.

Module consists of: debt covering schedule formation and payments according schedules following, debt information (fine, stamp duty calculation), transferring to court, bill of exchange creation, Court response registration, Judgment transfer to bailiffs, post-trial debt returning schedule creation.

Judicial debts module has direct connection to Profit-W® Financial process management and accounting. Therefore in order to operate judicial debts module, Profit-W® Financial process management and accounting must be installed.





Finance accounting

Creating documents, accounts, operations.

Judicial debts

Creating Judicial debt relations, payment schedules. Transferring to courts, bailiffs, writing out bills of exchange, calculating fines and stamp duties.


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